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About Us at MCA Business Opportunities

Motor Club of America or MCA for brief has been around business for 86 years and has built itself for a highly regarded, and trusted company within that time period with individuals throughout Canada and the U . S .


Just how can Motor Club of America help you? Read below:


Motor Club of America provides a wide range of services and products to drivers, and non drivers through the entire U . S . and Canada which range from roadside assistance, hospital emergency benefits, travel assistance, hotel discounts, plus much more.

MCA roadside assistance benefits include things like 24/7 “sign and go” dispatch with towing as much as 100 miles to your destination selected and as send $100 reimbursement cost covering automobiles, trucks, rv’s, motorcycles, boats, and livestock trailers.


Motor Club of America will even provide “travel assistance” reimbursement as much as $500 for local accidents that will assist with renting a car, as well as for accidents greater than 50 miles from the covered members home, MCA will reimburse with lodging, meals, and transportation.